About Us

We offer
  • confidence.
  • quality.
  • support.
  • service.
  • price.
  • warranty.

Smart Implant Solutions is born out of the love of our profession. With more than 15 years of experience in the dental sector, Smart Implant Solutions offers new solutions to meet the market needs for compatible implant fittings.

We are here because we believe in the power of our ideas and in the innovative strength of our products. Our wide range, quality, price and excellent service are our best presentation letter. Our clients are not only safe in the technical aspect; Our highly trained staff is available nationwide to solve your queries.

A great team of professionals work daily to find solutions to your needs. We also have the collaboration of dental professionals (dentists, dental technicians, …) to help us design the fittings and be at the latest in the market trends.

We dedicate ourselves to innovate with seriousness but also with passion. Trust in Smart Implant Solutions is a guarantee of quality, savings and peace of mind.


For Smart Implant Solutions, Quality comes first.

We have all the certificates that guarantee our products:

  • License of Manufacturer of Sanitary Products (Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products).
  • ISO 9001: Quality Management Guarantee.
  • ISO 13485: Guarantee of Quality Management in the Manufacture of Sanitary Products.
  • IQNet: International Certificate of Quality Management.
  • CE marking on products.


We have so much confidence in our products that our logo is the symbol of infinity, the period of warranty we offer.


Every day new clients trust us and walk with us in our project. Our goal is satisfied customers.


Our company and our products have all the guarantees of quality established. In the section “Downloads” you can download the certificates issued by accredited bodies.


You will never feel alone. Our staff is highly qualified to serve your doubts, both technical as administrative, and offer you different solutions.


Check our offices to know more about our transport conditions.


We have very competitive prices. Call us and you will see. We are also capable of adapt ourselves to the needs of each client.